Enrich your life with Budo

Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Setagaya Branch has resumed its activity since June and gradually normalized practice while taking measures against infectious diseases such as checking the health status of trainees, hand washing, gargling, alcohol disinfection, ventilation and wearing masks.

The recent re-increase in the number of people infected with the new corona virus is unpredictable, and I believe that sufficient consideration and measures should be continued. At this moment, I am not considering suspension of practice again, but on the assumption that “with-corona” time continues, I would like to pursue the maximum balance with the mental and physical health promotion brought by Budo.

Fortunately, there are new members and visitors continuously. I think that the philosophy of “Enrich your life with Budo” that this dojo aims to achieve is now expected. It has only been seven months since the Setagaya Branch was established, but through the challenge against the corona disaster, we will continue to grow and move forward step by step together with branch members.

Hideto Usuyama
Branch Chief of Setagaya
Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu