Things that can be done only “now”

The hot summer has passed and now we can feel the autumn air.

Autumn is the season for demonstrations. Dedication demonstrations at Kashima Jingu, Atsuta Jingu, and Meiji Jingu were scheduled for this year as well, but unfortunately they were all canceled from the perspective of preventing infection with the new coronavirus (Covid-19). On February 7, next year, The 44th Demonstration of Japan Traditional Martial Arts Association is scheduled to be held at the renovated Nippon Budokan, and we sincerely hope that it will be realized.

Almost all major events scheduled for this year have been postponed or canceled. However, since the schedule for busy times such as overseas seminars, Katsuura camp, and demonstrations have disappeared, we were able to concentrate on various things this year instead.

At the Setagaya branch, we have been practicing without interruption since June after the declaration of emergency was lifted. During this time, the number of students increased and the branch management got on track. We were able to practice the basics intensively including “Ukemi”, “Ashi-sabaki”, and “Kata”. Those who have entered this branch this year will eventually contribute to the development of this branch and the Daito-ryu.

At the Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Headquarters, I was appointed as Vice Headquarters Director with the start of the new Headquarters management in August. Under the new Headquarters Director, Masayuki Kondo Sensei, we planned and prepared new measures for the “with corona” time, and as part of those, we were able to start regular online practice from September that connects the whole world.

Activities in the “with-corona” time are all new challenges and a series of trial and error. However, we believe that this challenge will lead to growth. We will continue to think carefully, but never stop, and take on the challenge with great hope for the future.

“Now” is a great time to take a new step towards the future.

Hideto Usuyama
Vice Headquarters Director and Setagaya Branch Chief
Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu