Setagaya Branch Practice Time

Thursday 18:45-21:15
Sunday 16:45-18:15

Major Events in 2121

(This is planned at this time and may change depending on the situation of COVID-19. Information including schedule details will be updated each time.)

January: Begining of training (Setagaya branch begins on Thursday, January 7th)

April 38th Asakusa Nippon Kobudo Tournament (Taito-ku Riverside Sports Center)(cancelled)

April-May Europe (Slovakia) Seminar(postponed to next year)

July 18: Setagaya Branch Promotion Review

August: Headquarters training camp (including promotion examination) and the 65th Daito-style Ayeke Jiu-Jitsu Headquarters Enbu Tournament (at Nippon Budokan Training Center (Katsuura))(postponed to next year)

October 9-10 The 11th Kashima Jingu Dedication Japanese Kobudo Exchange Enbu Tournament (at Kashima Jingu Shrine)

November 3: Meiji Jingu Dedication Japanese Kobudo Tournament (at Meiji Jingu Nishisando Shibaji)

December Setagaya Branch Promotion Examination

December Rehearsals

 In addition, during the ongoing effects of covid-19, online training hosted by the headquarters (for students only) will be held from 21:00 to 22:00 on the second Sunday of every month(if you wish, please apply from with the consent of the branch president).
In addition, we plan to hold regular online meetings of domestic and foreign branch presidents.